A Linguistic Analysis of Two Newspaper Articles

Topics: Pakistan, Irony, Noun Pages: 9 (2768 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Analyze two newspaper articles with respect to the tools of linguistics. This work includes two newspaper articles. Article one is called “Pakistan’s alternative tourism industry” by Shyema Sajjad (Pakistani perspective) and article two is named as “CIA Contractor Raymond Davis is Free—Now Is the Time to Reconsider Our Support for Pakistan’s Government” by Christian Whiton (American perspective). Firstly, this assignment will work at two levels of analyzing article discourse. The first level includes the structuring of propositions and the second includes their sequence. Furthermore, the examination of individuals and actions fall under the first stage and the sequencing of these actions into a coherent whole follow it. Any discourse analysis moves from micro- level examination to macro-level examination. Likewise, newspaper discourse moves from word level (lexis) to sentence level. All these linguistic tools gradually progress from minor root-scale study to group-scale research. Starting off with level one, the lexical habits of the given articles would be firstly stated separately, than, contrasted. LEXICAL ANALYSIS:-

The analysis of particular words used in a newspaper text is always the first stage of any textual analysis. Article one:-
In this article, words belong to various categories to instigate some important questions. The lexical categories in this article includes the words of business, words of war and racial animosity, words of falsehood and propaganda, words of currency and lastly words of predator versus prey. Words of Business: - These include exchange, ticket, breezing in and out, plan, deal, package transaction. Words of war: - These include shoot, risk, despair, control, attack, zeal, panic, get-away, masterstroke. Words of racial animosity: - sheer panic on America’s face, US law-makers. Words of falsehood and propaganda: - hide-outs, compensation, cloudy circumstances, murky status, fumbled and mumbled, diplomatic immunity fed various lies. Words of Currency: - lots and lots of money, transaction, price. Words of predator versus prey: - kill, risk, shoot at will, deaths, rescue, Pakistan is a playground. Article two:-

Words of racial animosity: - supposed US ally, arrangement Pakistan broke, unlawful for Pakistan, over-all incident is outrageous, Pakistan is too corrupt. Words of money: - blood money, pouring money, US support, payment, pay handsomely, paying bribes, month’s check, massive hand-out of cash. Words of doubt and mistrust: - debate on our reliance to Pakistan , scandalous, lawless behavior, insulting, signing off, Pakistan is too corrupt. Words of war: - negligence, kill, hostages, adversaries, killing spree, hunted. LEXICAL COMPARISON OF BOTH ARTICLES:-

In both these articles, words exhibit clear meanings. The racial characteristics have been displayed in wholesale manner by contrastive words of animosity and rage. Irony and satire has been used which contends with human absurdities. Disparity of opinions and rivalry has been depicted through the words like shoot at will, scandalous, bribes etc. Collapse of friendship and feelings of hostility are prevalent throughout the text. Money has been tagged as a corrupting factor for both the governments. Likewise, the theme of predator versus the prey, hunter versus the hunted has been depicted by showing Pakistan as a “playground”. Moreover the concept of us and them has been portrayed. Certain negative words have been used to show the negligence of Pakistani government through the phrases like “now” is the time to “reconsider” “our” support for “Pakistani Government” and “what will “our” adversaries conclude?”etc. Thus both of the articles stand apart from each other. We notice that how the roles of the participant are reversed through the choice of strong words. Both the writers have used convincing lexis to support their case. And we as the readers are easily able to draw different connotations through the choice of strong words....
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