A Lifetime Experience

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I think "Community Service" at first is just an activity that we need to finished for this semester and just to fulfill the requirements for R.L.E. but as we go along the way I find it as a serious matter that I need to focus my endeavor and aspirations for hard work. I also start to recognize this as a root of our great experience in the community that we will cherish on forever. This journey starts when our class is assigned in Buna Lejos II, Indang, Cavite together with the F18 last December 2, 2005. This is the first time that we are going to have our first community service outside manila. Community service, eventually gives me now a clear view of how is it to be. It's a way of socializing to other people, establishing a good relationship in the community, help them to understand the basics of their needs and so as to appreciate and let them understand the benefits of a good and healthy lifestyle. But it does not stop there; many things are still need to be improved and needs to be covered. It is also a practice that I can deal on if ever I finished the course of nursing.

I feel this different mix of emotions, the feeling of excitement and a bit anxious in the first day of community service. The 1st step in the community gives me this ambiance of peaceful place. Walking in the community together with my classmates was totally unremarkable that I will not forget. I have seen different faces and meet different people with of course a unique characteristic. Without knowing that this place will accept us like a true part of their family and embrace us without any hesitation though we are totally stranger. The start of the community survey gives us a clear view of what is the community needs for different aspect. These outbreaks need immediate attention to prevent any future problems. I also feel that people in Buna Lejos II are also so much concern and ready to participate for any development of their barangay.

In the collation of the CST it really...
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