A Life Changing Story

Topics: Archbishop Mitty High School, John Joseph Mitty, Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose in California Pages: 6 (2714 words) Published: September 15, 2010
Apple Speech June 10, 2010
On September 20, 2002 I bought my first classic pink iPod. On October of 2005, I bought my first iPod Nano in yellow. Last summer, I bought my first laptop computer, the Macbook Pro, and my first iPod touch. Wow! I have shared many of my first experiences with Apple and I am your loyal customer, and I, Ana Plascencia, am truly honored to be given the opportunity to address you (the men and women) who have contributed to the success of the Apple and who have contributed to my success in high school. Lets face it your ingenious technology assisted me with my homework and research projects, allowed me to compose my own music, and allowed me to gain exposure to the outside world. You are the greatest innovators in the world, and you have been important to me because simply through your products you helped me succeed through high school and you have helped me make some of my dreams come true. From an early age my mother inspired me to use values such as passion, perseverance, and discipline to make my dreams a reality. My mother always says that the mind puts limits on one’s dreams, but the heart has the power to overcome those limits and make those dreams come true. I have seen, in my mother and myself, this power of will to persevere and to strive to be greater than one thinks they can be. But I have also come to realize the deeper and truer meaning of my mother’s saying. My mother emigrated from Mexico and raised me by herself with little education and little understanding of the English language. I believe strength and love motivated her as she worked three jobs, seven days a week earning no more than nine twenty-five an hour. At the age of six, I began to work several times a week at restaurants and community events as a Mariachi singer thanks to an uncle of mine who taught me how to play this great music from an early age. I performed for several hours during the weekends, earning as much as fifty dollars an hour, in order to help my mother make ends meet for the both of us. I loved Mariachi music then and still do now. But as I look back, I’m am struck by key values such as working diligently and disciplinarily, along with the power of knowledge – a power of the mind – that also enabled me to help support my family even from a young age. As I grew older, I saw that my mother, too, recognized that passion and working diligently were important, but by themselves they were not enough to fulfill one’s dreams. Along with passion and hard work, she believed the power of knowledge was a crucial key to realizing one’s goals. She worked very hard so that I could go to school, to study, so that I might accomplish my dreams. But my mother and I didn’t have the same vision at that time. I thought that by working and being focused on making money I could easily help support my mother. But my mother had bigger dreams for me; she knew that an education was crucial for my future. She knew that I needed to have an education to open new doors and have the opportunities she didn’t have. Of course this tension between my mother’s dreams for herself and her dreams for me was not something I reflected upon until later. My mother also instilled in me a dedication to my family and my community. Therefore at Mitty I got involved because it is was important for me to explore and take advantage of the opportunities offered at Mitty. I was president of the Latin American Student Union, which enabled me to celebrate and share the diverse Latin American cultures with the Mitty community. I was also a Mitty ambassador and an active member of campus ministry. In my local community, my passion for helping younger generations develop and strengthen their skills in reading lead me to co-found the S.T.A.R.S. reading program where I tutor children from low-income families and ignite in them the love for learning. Attending Mitty gave me the confidence to co-fund this program and help make a difference in a child’s life, who...
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