A Life Changing Experience

Topics: Nutrition, Food, 2006 singles Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Fried Chicken, Baby back ribs, Burgers, Muffins. Those are my top favorite foods.I always order them whenever my family and I eat outside. At home my mom cooks food, she is a very good cook but she usually adds vegetables to the meals she prepares. I am not fond of vegetables and so I have to separate them from the meat and rice. Even in sandwiches, I have to get the lettuce and tomatoes out. The mere thought of touching my tongue with it, make me not want to eat anymore.

Last summer, my cousin Benny from Australia come to visit. He is 15 years old. He grew so tall from last time I saw him. He is only 3 years older than me but there's about 11 inches difference in our height. He has been really active with sports especially wall climbing. So, I asked him if he could teach me a thing or two about wall climbing.

We went to the nearest gym and he first showed me the saftey gear and basic things that I needed to know. I was so excited and wanted to climb right away. But before I can do that we have to do warm up exercises. Just five minutes into it and I was very tired already. Benny laughed at me and told me we had to do more. I pushed myself to do more but I sat down from exhaustion. When time came that I can actually climb the wall, I hurridly did what I have imagined wall climbing to be. But it was hard. I had a hard time lifting myself and my arms and ankles hurt. I was only able to climb a few meters and I gave up. It was really frustrating.

We went home and I wasn't happy at all. Benny teld me that when he started it was hard for him to. He had to do a lot of exercises to build strength and stamina and also eat healthy foods. He said that those things have to come together. I didn't mind it at first and thought wall climbing might not be a sport for me. But benny was very eager to help me. He woke me up very early to run around the block and do squats and whatever those other exercises were called. It was torture. Even with my food. He wanted me to...
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