A Letter to a Friend About Wlan

Topics: Wireless network, Wireless access point, Wi-Fi Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 13, 2013
March 28, 2013

Dear Friend,
I am glad that you are asking for my help to know more about security threats of wireless LAN. I just have learned in my Business Data Communications and Security class about these threats and how they could affect your business. Once you set your wireless network, you need to make sure that it is not available to be used by unauthorized people from both inside and outside your company. You can fix such an issue by changing the primary user name and password of access point and the router. Doing so help prevent unauthorized persons from connecting to the network by guessing the user name and password that were set by the manufacturer. You also should be careful of those vandals and hackers who can capture and read your company’s data that sent over the air. They can do this easily just by sitting outside your place. But don’t worry about that, I can tell you how to protect your network from this threat. You may need to activate the encryption feature. That is to prevent unauthorized persons from picking up signals and thus detecting the sent data.

One of the most serious threats that will be followed by a negative impact on your company and your overall business is that hackers can easily breakthrough wireless networks readily by primitive penetrating software. This allows them to send malicious traffic into your network and badly affect your business processes and their related data. So, one of the ways to reduce this potential dangerous is installing a firewall to prevent hackers form reaching your network, and to protect your network from any unwanted or unauthorized people to contact to your network since it will hide it. In this case, I recommend to you one of the best firewalls, which is also free, ZoneAlarm, and it can be downloaded from their website http://www.zonelabs.com/.

You should know my friend that in each wireless network there is one or more access points. It is a device that allows wireless devices to...
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