A Letter to Jerry Spinelli

Topics: Jerry Spinelli, Writing, Subject Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Dear, Mr. Spinelli
Hi! My name is Sayantika Sarkar. I go to school at Iselin Middle School. For my summer reading project I had to read the book Smiles to Go, it was phenomenal.
Smiles to Go just states that life cannot be planned; you have to wait and see what life throws at you. I love how the book is just about a normal person’s everyday life but still its unique. What inspired you to write Smiles to Go? Is the story of Smiles to Go based on your actual life? Did you make up the stuff about a proton dying? Do you love the subject science? Why did you decide on the name Will Tuppence, Mi-Su, and BT?

Smiles to Go was a fantastic book and I’m sure whoever reads it will enjoy it. I like how you blended Maniac Magee and Love, Stargirl into one book. The plot of the book was really nice, how Will Tuppence discovered that a proton had died and his world turned upside down and then he realized that he had to plan everything in his life; by the end of the book, Will’s lesson was to, “Live life. Love life. Now. Every second of it. Wring it like a sponge. Forever will take care of itself.”

Thank you, Mr. Spinelli for writing this book. Now there is another person who is a fan of your writing- me. Smiles to Go is like every teenagers life, there are some ups and downs but by the end of the day, you love life! Sincerely,
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