A Letter on "Wrongful Convictions"

Topics: Question, Conviction, Circumstantial evidence Pages: 3 (567 words) Published: October 13, 2014

Unit 6 Project Letter
Elizabeth Jones
Kaplan University
Professor Bunch

Dear Mr. Mark Davis,

I’m writing this letter in hope’s that it may persuade “you” in the future before going to court with little to no evidence’s. In the research I have done they show that there are so many people in prison due to wrongful convictions. The studies show as well that a good portion of them have been put away on nothing more than “an eye witness” account. We all know “you” have a job to do but wouldn’t it be better if that job was done with all the evidence’s and correct information to make a rock solid case? How can we be completely sure the investigators’ gathered all the information need for this case? I understand wanting to build a case, but I myself would want that to be a solid case and make sure I put the correct people behind bars. I can’t help but to think about all the people that where put away and the investigator’s just going on like every things ok. When in reality the real person who should be behind bars goes on committing the same crime over and over again. The sad part to this whole thing is that it true “Wrongful Convictions’” happen every day and they can happen to anyone that’s why it’s crucial that we all work together to make sure we get all the information need to keep this from happing again. Do “you” not agree?

I hope my letter will shine some light on this and some changes can be made, because it’s not just about these people being put away for no reason. Think about the people putting them way and how bad it’s going to look when it all comes to light. There are too many lives hurt from this now, there does not and should not be more. We all have to find a way to right the wrong that has been done and I think that the only way to that is to keep this from happing again, by making sure that when the time comes every department does its job by asking these simple questions. Was there any DNA? If so did we test it...
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