A Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation Physics Teacher

I have known him since the past two years. I am his physics teacher in the XI and XII standard.

During his stay at our school, Arjun has been amongst the toppers of his class in physics. He is always zealous to acquire knowledge and as a result his knowledge is excellent and his participation in extracurricular activities is exceptional and his image is an inspiration for many sportspersons. He possesses very good intellectual and analytical abilities.

I have observed Arjun closely in his XI grade and one thing that distinguished him from his classmates has been his commitment to work. He is never afraid of hard work and his interpersonal skills are of the highest order. He never shies from taking the initiative and is always eager to come forward and take the responsibility.

His eagerness to gain knowledge makes him a pleasurable student for any teacher. Moreover, his ability to lead was very much evident during his two years of study with me having a great knowledge about his physics subject. The one attribute I found extremely commendable was his ability to organize his work. He manages and utilises his time to the maximum efficiency

He has also been the captain of the school basketball and football team. He is even holding the meritorious position of the school council in which only few students can have a stand. He also won several prizes in other sports like cricket, swimming, and volleyball, participated in inter-house sports quiz championships, instrumental music and was a member of the environmental society. He was even awarded for his achievements in Basketball and Football at the state levels and swimming and skating at the district levels.

I do not hesitate to say that Arjun is very conscientious, honest, courteous and dependable. I would expect him to flourish quickly in his under graduation in computer science engineering and I believe that you will be highly impressed by his performance...
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