A Letter from Trevor Gold

Topics: Anxiety, Emotion, The Corner Pages: 3 (1233 words) Published: January 24, 2013
A Letter From Trevor Gold.

My name is Trevor Gold and I am writing in this because I want to make a difference to this society. I am aware that I could be severely punished for the crime that I am committing and shall commit further, but everything is black, dark. Smoke fills the air everywhere making it hard to see. Our world has been corrupted. Penalties for crime is death, technology has turned humans into robots and left civilians absent minded, but the worst of all are the government. They control everything and everyone around us. From the day I was born until I was at the age of five just like all the other new borns, they took us away to put us under their supervision, we were trained and forced to have no emotion and to behave in a well mannered form. Love, fear, hate or anger. I had no idea what these meant until a few months ago.

Julia was a girl whom I grew up with, we were born at the same time, lived in the same governmental section and had almost everything in common, Julia was my best friend, I think that is what they are called, as I said I only just discovered that these feeling existed. She had long brown hair, big blue eyes and the palest skin.

Last month on our way to school at our scheduled time we came across an object, some form of technology, there were two people talking to us, I think they mentioned it being called so called illegal propaganda broadcasts on an illegal shortwave or satellite radio, it wasn't from around here because it was difficult to understand what they were saying. They talked about things that I have never dared to speak of, freedom, love. I have heard of these words before but never fully understood what they meant.

Two weeks flashed by, my days went as normal as I followed my planned schedule and time plan. I couldn’t take my mind off of the things I have heard and now know. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to know the things that I do, and if anyone ever found out I would be penalized with death....
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