A Lesson Before Dying essay

Topics: National Book Critics Circle Award, Members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters Pages: 4 (1555 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Review of a lesson before dying
One of the main differences I realized in the book and the movie was how much less descriptive the movie was. At first, I did not like how much the novel would describe a certain place. However, further into the book a painted a lot of imagery in my mind which allowed me to get a better sense of what was really happening. I understand that it is a movie so I am watching what is happening, however, it would have been better if they could explain more things through the characters. I also realized that the movie may have skipped some of the chapters that were in the novel. They never showed Grant and Miss Emma being patted down by the deputies. The also didn’t show the several visits between Jefferson and Grant before he began to open up. These were only a few of the differences in the first half of the movie and the novel.

Since their positions on education are of blaring interest to Al Gore and George W. Bush, both of the presidential candidates might want to turn themselves into walking promotion campaigns for Romulus Linney's A Lesson Before Dying. The play, which makes a bold and moving statement about the link between learning and dignity, is an adaptation of Ernest J. Gaines' book of the same title, which won the 1993 National Book Critics Circle Award. Yes, members of whose-ever constituency, here's a vote-getting narrative that says in no uncertain terms: It's not power, not position, not clothes that makes the man. It's education. Gaines' story, which Linney simplifies for the stage but doesn't alter in any radical way, takes place in Bayonne, Louisiana in 1948. A young black named Jefferson has been wrongly sentenced to death for murdering a white man--he was a witness to the crime, but didn't commit it. At the trial, the defending attorney, thinking to draw on the jury's mercy, says his client doesn't deserve to die because he really has no more sense of what's transpiring than a hog would. The cruel comparison sends...
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