A Learning Experience

Topics: Computer, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: October 31, 2009
A learning experience when I was young that was a non-traditional method of teaching was in 4th.
Every Wednesday the class would line up outside in order by last name, then our teacher would lead us across where 7th and 8th graders had classes, to the computer lab at Washington Middle School.

As the class got settled into seats, our computer teacher would tell us to log on with our user names, which were just our first initial and last name. She would next tell us to click on the program Mavis Beacon, which was a program to help students learn to type and help them improve it every time.

The program was like this, the character, as in you, would be in a class taught by a typing company which has many different levels in typing and would progress as you did. There would be an instructor to help you along in the program if you needed any assistance. As your character sat down at a computer screen, you would see your character’s hands at the keyboard and letters that you would have to type but you were not suppose to look down at the real keyboard. If you hit the wrong letter, it would show on the character’s fingers what letter you were hitting and would light up red if it was wrong.

As we advanced in the program our computer teacher would make us cover our keyboards as a text so we were not able to look down during tests. Another thing about the program was you were only able to miss so many letters before you had to retry the lesson until you concurred it. How fast you type was another way to not pass. If it wasn’t fast enough you would have to practice in order to pass to the next lesson.

My experience of this program was interesting, and when I was younger I was always fascinated by computers, so this was something that was fun to me. I picked up this program very quick and it taught me how to type even though I didn’t fallow the rule of not to look down but I can type at a reasonable pace. As I grew up I had a computer and would talk to friends...
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