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Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: December 11, 2013
A leader can be described as someone who works with a group of people to help them achieve a goal. According to the book, business leadership, a leader has the role of helping us understand the current reality and bring a brighter future. This group of people are influenced by a leader who uses their knowledge and skills to coordinate workers to achieve business goals. A leader will do this by communicating their vision and objectives. In this assignment the theories of leadership styles used by many organisations will be discussed in detail and the effects of teams and individuals on different leadership styles. This literature will then explain where these theories are used and how these theories have been applied to groups of workers who have worked with a leader to succeed in achieving business goals. Leadership is very important in an organisation as leaders hold the job of making people work together to carry an aim and therefore make a company profit. A research will be carried out to write about different leadership styles and how it has helped an organisation such as Tesco’s to help run the company. Tesco is one of the leading retail companies in the UK. Tescos have expanded from being one of the largest food retailers in world to selling items such as electrics and cloths. It is interesting to see the types of leadership styles adopted by such a big brand who are successful. Leaders have an important role in creating the future however different leaders will operate differently in order to build the future and different styles of leadership will be appropriate for different situations and for different teams. According to Kurt and Lewin’s leadership model that was developed in the 1930’s, leadership styles can be broken down into three types. According to, google books, the art of leadership, in the 1930’s a growing emphasis in the behaviours in psychology moved researchers of leadership towards the study of leadership versus the study of traits. The...
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