A Ladys Life in Rocky Moutains

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a book report on a lady's life in the Rocky Mountains,
A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains

Bird L. Isabella. A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1960. Bib., Illus., index , map. 256 P.
Isabella L. Bird is the author of A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains the book is composed of letters from Isabella Bird written to her sister. Isabella dedicates her book to her sister.
Bird was a sophisticated woman from England. In her twenties she began to travel the world in search of good health. At the age of 41 Bird began her travels through the Rocky Mountains. Always living a comfortable lifestyle herding horses and sleeping in cabins in below freezing weather was a lifestyle Bird could never imagine. Not being use to these situations and being a visitor Bird does a great job explaining the Rocky Mountains in a way that a native ever could.

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains contains letters written to her sister back in England, during Bird’s six-month journey through the Colorado Rockies in 1873. Traveling alone, usually on horseback, choosing her route by preference of scenery. She covers hundreds of miles, most of it during the winter months. Bird’s letters consist of details of beautiful scenery, history, and people she encounter throughout her travels.

Bird starts in San Francisco and travels to the Rocky Mountains by train. Her first stop is an adventure in it’s self. She stops at a Lawless station, Truckee. She shares a bed in shifts with saloon patrons, while being wakened by gun shoots. The next morning the adventure continues as she encounters local cannibals.

Soon her scenery changes into what I believe to be her favorite scenery, snow-capped mountains. From the beginning of the book Bird states that making it to Estes Park is a goal of hers. She spends many pages of the book explaining the hidden beauties of Estes Park. She also traveled through Denver, Golden, Fort Collin and many...
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