A Killer to the Environment—Disposable Plastic

Topics: Biodegradable plastic, Bisphenol A, Plastic Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: February 7, 2011
A Killer to the Environment—Disposable Plastic
In Minnesota, people can get several plastic bags when they go shopping in many shops, like Walmart, Target, or some other kinds of shops. When people go to the drive-in the buy some drinks, they will get the plastic cup. Disposable plastic bowls, plates, forks and spoons are sailed in many supermarkets. Living in Minnesota, plastic products are easy to get and use in many situations. Many people think that plastic products are very helpful and convenient. They save people’s time and are easy to take away. Plastic products, especially disposable plastic products, give great convenience to people live in the modern society. However, in consideration of the long-term development of environment and other aspects, the use of disposable plastic products should be reduced and controlled by some laws or rules. Why do I strongly recommend this? I have four reasons. The first reason is that the manufacturing of plastics consumes a nonrenewable resource in the earth—petroleum. “Plastics are petroleum-based synthetic materials whose main constituents are carbon and hydrogen” (Wolf, 104). Petroleum, which caused many wars, as known, is in very short supply and used in many different and significant aspects, like the fuel of transportations. As it is nonrenewable, it means the more we use plastic bags, the less petroleum we can use in other essential industry. The wide use of disposable plastic products is damage to the environment. The second reason is that the plastics contain some deleterious substance. Disposable plastics products are mostly used as containers, like cups or bowls. In the use of the plastics, they are always touching the food or drink directly. “The labeling results from consumer concern over scientific evidence that bisphenol A (BPA), a common ingredient in many hard plastics, may be harmful to the human reproductive system because it interferes with hormones”(Patisaul). The third reason is that the...
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