A Jury of Her Peers

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Murder Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: September 30, 2013
A Jury of Her Peers
The short story “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspellis is about a murder that both men and women try to solve. At that time, men’s rule was usually more significant than women. However in this story, the women’s part is more important than man. This story shows that women should not be ignored like how they were typically ignored in the society before. Also, the women are the ones that find the important details.

The story begins with the main character, Mrs. Halle, receiving a call about the murder of Mr. Wright. Mrs. Halle, Mr. Halle, Mrs. Peters, and Mr. Peters head to the house to investigate the death and to find clues about the murder. It is shown that the men were not paying attention to all of the details and their rule was not important. They did not contribute any help in the investigation. It was like as if they did not really care about the murder. They did not even find the clues for the murder that will lead them to find the murderer.

In the crime scene, the women were working harder than the men and even paid more attention to the small details. It is shown that Mrs. Halle is a strong woman that observes the place in a sharp way; she did not leave anything without observing it. In the other hand, Mrs. Peters, the other female character, does not seem as strong as Mrs. Halle and is a little nervous. However, she still works harder than the men and finds important clues in the crime scene along with Mrs. Halle.

The women’s investigation starts with finding the unfinished work like the half wiped table. The details they find make them conclude that Mrs. Wright did not have a happy life with her husband. They find that Mrs. Wright had a miserable life; she had old clothes and her oven was broken. Both women felt that Mr. Wright was not the perfect husband and he did not really care about his wife. Then, the women were sure that Mrs. Wright is the one that murdered her husband and her motive, however they felt bad for her...
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