A Jury of Her Peers

Topics: Emotion, Woman, Black-and-white films Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: November 4, 2009
“A Jury of Her Peers”
Women are generally guided by emotion, and Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are no different. When discussing certain situations with a woman, it is likely that emotion will come into play at one point or another. In “A Jury of Her Peers” the women are no different; they stick together and struggle with the knowledge they have to decide whether or not to reveal evidence of motive. When two women discuss the motive for murder, they take seriously into account the emotions involved when it is a fellow woman that is to be convicted. They come to the conclusion that silence after a “noisy” happiness is definitely a bad thing. Mrs. Peters is the higher-standing woman in the community, being married to the sheriff, so when it is her decision to hide crucial evidence that will surely lead to the conviction of Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Hale feels compelled to assist; also, because she feels emotionally connected to Mrs. Wright as well. Mrs. Hale thinks back to her untidy kitchen and gets slightly offended when Mr. Henderson, the county attorney, says that Mrs. Wright was not a good housekeeper (paragraph 80). Mrs. Hale realizes that Mrs. Wright was surely in the middle of doing something in the kitchen when she was interrupted, as was Mrs. Hale when called to leave her house in such a hurry, thus convincing Mrs. Hale that it is not her housekeeping ability that is lacking. This emotionally connects Mrs. Hale with Mrs. wright. Mrs. Peters, however, is much more emotionally connected to Mrs. Wright, which is why she decided in the end to hide the convicting evidence from the men. Mrs. Peters knows what it’s like to lose, not only an animal, her kitten, but also a child. When someone looks at their animals as if they are children, it is going to cause them emotional distress if something bad were to happen to that animal. When the bird is discovered in the pretty box, it is made clear that Mrs. Wright cared for the bird deeply, being that she wanted to bury the...
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