A Junk shop and Scrap Business is a sim

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A Junk shop and Scrap Business is a simple buy and sell business, which is less considered by many since the traded products are unclean and soiled. But in another view, it is a lucrative business that generates a lot of money both for garbage collectors and junk shop owners. This business is most relevant today considering that the government has promoted environmental awareness among its citizens, expressing the need for proper waste disposal and recycling of materials as a major factor in protecting the environment. As one of the sectors involved in the country’s Solid Waste Management, junk shops are now being recognized for its large contribution in recycling activities and waste recovery. I. Estimated Investment Costs

Minimum Starting Capital Investment: P100,000.00
Fixed Investment
• Business licenses and registrations
• Security (refundable) and advance rental deposit equivalent to 4 months, if business space is on lease/rent • Operating Equipment Weighing scale (Bascula) 50-kg. countertop/hanging weighing scale 2 Metal push-cart (cartilla) Acethyline Torch and Gas Tank Pulley Tools (steel saw, pliers, vice grips, screw drivers, hammer, “baretta de cabra”, etc.) • Vehicle, pick-up-truck (optional)

• Renovation, in case of land lease
• Miscellaneous
Revolving Fund
• Purchasing cash
Labor Cost
• 1 General Manager
• 1 Officer-in-Charge (minimum wage)
• 1 Driver/Helper who can also act as Checker (minimum wage) • 2 Helpers who can also act as checkers (allowance + free board) II. Things to Consider
A) Sourcing of Potential Clients
Clients are recycling agents to whom the junk shop owner will be selling the junk items, which have been sorted and segregated. The junk shop owner must search the market for several possible recycling agents to get the best deal possible such as a lock-in period with regard to the buying price of a specific item within one month. Cost of delivery/pick- up also affects the price and should always be taken into...
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