A Journal on of Mice and Men

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Of Mice and Men, Friendship, Predation, Disability / Pages: 4 (793 words) / Published: Mar 22nd, 2002
Chapter 1

The opening sequence of events, which introduces us to George and Lennie indeed gives the impression that the larger Lennie, suffers from some form mental disability. He is the exact antithesis is the character of George, a small man, with sharp features, who seems to be close friend and confidant to Lennie. In addition to this, George also seems to be greatly concerned with Lennie's safety and well-being. Furthermore, it seemed to me that the two have had a long-time close companionship, or, that George owes Lennie some type of allegiance, as George seems to have suffered at the expense of Lennie as is evident from the previous job.
Chapter 2 In this chapter, it became clear to me how difficult the work at the ranch was as previously alluded to by George. The harsh realities that occur at the ranch such as Slim ‘s drowning of the puppies, and the suggestion that Candy should replace his old dog, with a younger one which will be of more use. The character of Slim is also interesting, as he seems to be quite an authoratative figure, despite not being the boss. It is still unclear to me as to where he derives his respect from. In addition to this, the bond between Lennie and George seems to have become closer as a result of Curley. This close relationship between men seems-at least so far- to be a recurring subject. There is no strong female prescence at the ranch, and it seems to be running in fine condition due to the work of all the men.
Chapter 3u This chapter cleared up my earlier questions as to the nature of the friendship of George and Lennie. Their relationship is a result of a long-time friendship, in which George initially teased and bothered Lennie. George's epiphany however, that ridiculing someone who is weaker is wrong is indeed in conflict with the mentality on the ranch. In where Cndy's old dog, although no longer of use in herding sheep, provided a sentimental attachment to the old man, was killed because it was

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