A ideal college student

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The ideal college student.
College by definition is an institution of higher learning. Being a college student can be excited because it’s a different step of your life, where you going to face a new world, deal with different kind of people that not have the some objective as you like high school. And sometimes move from your country, to the country of your college acceptance. Move from your country means also move from your parent’s house; which is one of the best opportunity almost 90% of kids are waiting for when they were in high school. For them, leave their parent’s house make them independent and don’t have to be on anybody’s control. Being a college student can be also frustrated. This is the moment of your life where you have to decide on what you want for your future, where you are going to understand the meaning of the word “life”, because you are going to be on your own to find your road and fit your shoes. And a financial aid or loan that stresses you out every time you have a bad grade. What can be more frustrated than that? An ideal college student after finish to choose his major base not on the money is easily made but where you can be especially succeed; needs to be smart, responsible and organize. To do so you need to know that you have to attend class regularly and on time. Don’t skip class for any reason; if you do miss one try to take notes from somebody. So for the next class you can be able to understand because sometimes the next chapter is related to the previous one. Be a good listener by paying attention to your instructor; that means no talking, texting while you are in class. It is better to participate on the course and ask question that’s will help you to understand your notes. Be organized that means if your have more than one class don’t mix all your notes; put each material for each class separately so it will be easier when it’s comes the time to study. Keep your study area clean and free with all study...
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