A Human Instinct

Topics: Human, Thought, Judgment Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: November 6, 2012
A human instinct
The first thing we do when we meet someone new is, judge them. Judging others is almost an instinct to humans, we just can‘t help it. Observation is what “helps” us pass judgment on a person. Our observations play a big roll in the way we react to others. When we react to others we observe the way they interact, their physical appearance, and the way they dress. An introvert is a shy person, one who is concerned with his/her own thoughts and feelings. I am an introvert and I am constantly judged on that fact. It seems that my lack of speech leads one to the conclusion that I am an ignorant person. I do have thoughts and knowledge in me. Although at times I don’t always have the ability to voice them. This also leads people to think that I am a crude person. As a shy person I have trouble with everyday conversations. People think that either I don’t like them or that I don’t want to talk to them. That certainly isn’t the case. An extrovert is an outgoing person, one who can voice his/her own thoughts and feelings. These people are perceived as good and friendly people but that isn’t always true. Our observation of this person makes us react in a positive way. We will want to talk to them and become friends. Not all but some extroverts may be unfriendly and vulgar. This is not something that most people will expect from an extrovert. No one is safe from judgment, there is one thing that everyone will be judged on, physical appearance! A person is either ugly, normal or beautiful. As an unattractive person I have accepted the fact that I don’t attract people on a first impression. First impressions are everything; they are the moment that you are judged, the moment people decide if you are worthy or not. Beautiful people have natural advantages over ugly people. They may be able to get into a club for free because they are beautiful or they may get free drinks for that same reason. A friend of mine in high school was the prettiest one of our group...

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