A Horror Story: the Story Takes Place on a Boy's Room Dirty and Messy

Topics: Face, Left-wing politics, Political spectrum Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Theme: Horror/Suspense
Setting: A typical boy’s room- dirty and messy. The only light source would be the computer. Most used part would be the computer table/desktop. Characters: Gio- The main character, a slouchy procrastinator student who was writing and cramming a paper.

Stranger- No fact was known other than he is implied to be a ghost or spirit a hint of it’s appearance.

Page 1
Panel 1: Paneling- 1/3 of the page horizontally (most of computer screens are horizontally oriented) A close up shot of a computer monitor, Microsoft word is the open application with only his name on it and a title “A Horror Story”

Panel 2: Paneling- 1/3 of the page horizontally
Gio leaning on his palm looking bored/thinking (shot from monitor’s POV), with a gleam of the only light source which is the monitor on his face.
Thought Bubble: Ahhh, damn. I’ve been doing this for two days now.

Panel 3: Paneling- 1/3 of the page horizontally
A zoom up shot of the computer clock with “11:11pm” on it.
Thought Bubble(top right side): 11:11 do you work, please send me a spirit and have him type his story!

Page 2
Panel 1: Paneling- 1/3 horizontally, 2/3 of the first tier.
Gio face palming, same shot from page 1, panel 2.
Thought Bubble(bottom left part): Who am I kidding? Wake up kid!

Panel 2: inset, remaining of the first tier
Gio reaching to the right for the coffee mug in the study table, back shot with him on the center. Thought Bubble(left side of the inset): I would turn into a zombie myself if I can’t finish this anytime soon. Panel 3: 1/3 of the page horizontally.

A face shot of Gio drinking from the mug, with his eyes riveted to the right with shock and attention. SFX: Creak
Thought Bubble (right side of the face): “!!?”

Panel 4: 1/3 of the page horizontally.
A quarter shot of the bottom part of the door slightly opened. Thought Bubble (on the left side of the panel): Phew! Probably just Mickey Mouse, having a midnight...
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