A Horror Movie

Topics: Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Wes Craven, Horror film Pages: 2 (897 words) Published: August 25, 2010
Many things come to mind when people allow themselves to think about horror movies. Most may experience the feeling of butterflies in their stomach for fear or just pure excitement, but where does that fear or excitement come from? One might say that it is the anti-social instincts of horror that we all have hidden and festering deep down inside. A great horror author Stephen King once said,” that watching a horror movie helps us control the anti-social instincts we all have inside”. Some people might say that we are all a little crazy and anti-social in our own way and that some of us just hide it better. Many will argue that the impression and memories of that first horror film will always influence the way the one deals with horror but does not always make one’s anti-social inner monster want to surface. In most horror movies, some of us may agree and some of us may disagree that in some way that a horror movie has left a permanent indent in a single individual’s life. For instance, let us look at the 1984 version of Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street”; this is the very first nightmare that occurred on a now well-known street. Although this movie is one of the greatest horror movies ever produced, a classic that will always haunt children and adults for many years to come. This movie keeps the person watching twitching with fear and on the edge of their seat. Most people that have watched this movie would say that this film is one that will make a person, sleep with the lights on, keep the closet door closed, and the windows locked. Although this movie is a great example of a film that will make you want to keep the lights on when you go to bed, it is also a great example of a film that will make the watcher always remember the plot of the story. “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, known by many as a great classical horror movie that describes its star actor Robert Englund, also known as Freddy Krueger as a child murder with the spirit of “the bastard son of...
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