A Horror Experience

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It was a late night after my tuition class about 10.30pm, everyone left except for me. I called my parents but neither of them answered. Without any further hesitation, I decided to walk home.

The street lights were spoilt, so I was scared to walk alone. But I still went along the road. Suddenly, I heard a creeping noise, so I started walking faster. I ran down the road, the road was so dark that I could hardly see anything; I tripped on a rock in the middle of the road. Then I realised that someone was following me, I was really shocked.

A car was passing by, the driver saw me and waived at me; I thought it was my neighbour or a friend’s parents. I ran towards the car, I couldn’t identify who the driver was; I went on and told him that I was scared as someone was following me. He told me to get into his car and he would drive me home. I entered the car and they talked to me in different way. The person sitting next to the driver turned his head 360° towards me. They said, “You will be safe.”, and then they made an evil laugh.

Suddenly, I woke up and found myself in my room tied up in my bed. I was yelling for help but no one came to rescue me. I shouted for help, hoping that the neighbours would help me. Instead the two people that I met in the car came told me to stop yelling if I wanted to survive. They told me to go back to sleep and be quiet. I pretended to sleep before they left the room. I tried to untie myself; I succeeded after a long time trying to untie myself.

Then I sneaked out of the house and then tried to hail a taxi that was passing by. The taxi stopped and asked me where I was going to, I told him my address and he started driving. When I reached home, I found my parents in the living room. They asked me where I had been, I said I was kidnapped. They were angry and then they took out a “parang” knife and pointed the knife at me.

Suddenly, I woke up in my bed, unharmed in my...
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