A Hope in the Unseen Theme

Topics: High school, College, Grammar school Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: October 12, 2006
The theme of A Hope in the Unseen is, “being a high school student isn’t easy.” There are many different things that get in students’ way during high school. Violence is a big issue in school. If students are constantly surrounded by violence and yelling, how are they supposed to get good grades? Students are always thriving for acceptance from everybody and anybody? They will do what ever they can to be accepted, even if it hurts other students. In high school it is not easy keeping up your grades. It’s a really big struggle when they’re having a hard time in class and they’re worried about getting into college. One big thing in high school is dating, students feel better about themselves when they have someone walk them to their classes and plus they will get made fun of for going to a dance by themselves. Friends are really important to students self esteem, friends are there for them for everything. Students make their best friends in high school and they usually stick with them for life. Another thing that makes high school difficult is worrying about college and getting accepted. Fighting in school makes things more difficult to get good grades and if you don’t get good grades then colleges frown upon that. Students can’t learn as easy when students are constantly fighting with them it gives emotional damage.

Violence is not just an emotional damage but also physical damage. Cedric is a black boy trying to be accepted in a white college and it isn’t easy at all. Cedric grew up in a bad neighborhood, Cedric’s neighborhood is not a safe place to be. In the book A Hope in the Unseen, (Suskind 22,) ” A boy a few feet away from them grabs another boy around the neck, pulls out a pistol, and holds it to the other kid’s head” Cedric sees that kind of violence all the time and he doesn’t just see that kind of violence, he also gets the emotional disrespect that hurts. In the story Cedric is always being bullied. At first it doesn’t bother Cedric, he is proud...
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