A home away from home

Topics: Palestinian people, Student, University Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: November 25, 2014
A Home away from Home
Getting into Bethlehem university wasn't one of my initial options of the number of available universities at all. To be honest, I didn't know we even had a university in Bethlehem, until my dad told me about it and even then I still wasn't so sure about applying there... I always had that dream of going abroad to study, you know, every teenagers dream is to break free and just wander. I so wanted to leave the country and I was torn between whether I should study medicine or physical therapy until fate intervened somehow. I ask myself every day, "What is it that got me to apply to this university?" I had no answer at all. Was it because of parents? No. Was it my only option? No. Fate simply got me here..

As thrilled as I was at the prospect of finally becoming a university student I was equally depressed for not knowing anybody, I was at a crossroads simply caught in the struggle of finding myself, finding who am I and who I want to be. It was a tough experience I won't lie yet it was worth it and it still is! Every day is a new adventure, a day simply never ends without learning  something new, meeting a new friend, and becoming a better version of myself. 

You know as a teenager all you are is a reckless human being that's looking for themselves in this life and well, as for myself, I thought that finding myself would be by traveling to some other country and wandering freely. But I never thought that a university can show you what home truly means. Palestine, peace are all encompassed in my definition of  "home". Describing the friends that I have made here are beyond words. Why did I relate this to home? Simply, because some friends are family and mine are truly that. Palestine is all about unity, and Bethlehem university is all about that. You see a Christian setting with a Muslim, studying, talking, laughing, making a lifetimes worth of friendships, and simply living in an atmosphere of both Christian and Muslim students...
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