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A hobby is a regularly activity that is done for pleasure, typically, during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include: the collection of themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, along with many more examples. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area. Generally speaking, a person who engages in an activity solely for fun is called an amateur (or hobbyist), as opposed to a professional who engages in an activity for reward. An amateur may be as skilled as a professional, the principle difference being that a professional receives compensation while an amateur does not. Contents [hide]

1 Etymology
2 Development into other ventures
3 Types
3.1 Collecting
3.2 Outdoor recreation
3.3 Performing arts
3.4 Creative hobbies
3.5 Scale modeling/dioramas
3.6 Cooking
3.7 Gardening
3.7.1 Indoor gardening
3.7.2 Water gardening
3.7.3 Container gardening
3.8 Reading
3.9 Sports
4 See also
5 References
Etymology[edit source]

In the 13th century, the term "hobyn" had the meaning of "small horse or pony". The term "hobbyhorse" was documented in a 1557 payment confirmation for a "Hobbyhorse" from Reading, England.[1] The item, originally called a "Tourney Horse", was made of a wooden or basketwork frame with an artificial tail and head. Designed to mimic a real horse, the hobbyhorse was used for religious activities and civic occasions. By 1816 the derivative, "hobby", was introduced into the vocabulary of an unknown number of English people.[2] Over the course of subsequent centuries, the term came to mean "recreational" or "leisurely pursuit". Hobbies are practiced primarily for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. In the 17th century, the term was used in a pejorative sense due to the childish origins of the term. Referring to the origin of the word; engaging in one's hobby equated to the horse outfit from the term's formulation and was considered a puerile overindulgence that would yield no benefit.[3] In the 21st century, personal fulfillment is the aim of hobbies in First World Western nations and they are widely considered to be helpful in such societies. Although, in the United Kingdom (UK), the pejorative noun "anorak", similar to the Japanese word "otaku", has the meaning of being a geek or enthusiast), and is often applied to people who obsessively pursue a particular hobby that others consider boring. Development into other ventures[edit source]

There have been instances where hobbies have led to significant developments beyond the personal fulfillment for those involved. Amateur astronomers have made significant contributions to the profession, and hobbyists have made discoveries such as finding an unknown celestial body or celestial event. In the area of computer programming, the invention of the Linux operating system began as a student's hobby. A substantial amount of early scientific research came from the hobby activities of the wealthy.[citation needed] Hobbies have also risen to prominence after a period of relatively low interest. For example, a British conservationist was seen wearing field glasses at a London train station in the 1930s and was consequently asked if he was going to the horse races.[citation needed] Whilst the general public was not aware of nature observation which was formally conducted as field research, during the 1930s, practitioners of the hobby went on to become the pioneers of the conservation movement that flourished in the UK from 1965 onwards. Eventually, it became a global political movement within a generation's time span.[citation needed] Types[edit source]

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