A History of the World in 6 Glasses

Topics: United States, Europe, Latin America Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Aidan Kress
September 2nd
AP World History

1. Many factors influenced the transition from a hunting and gathering lifestyle to a mainly agricultural based one. One factor in this change was beer. After beer was discovered, it proved to become popular worldwide, becoming somewhat of a priority to some extent. The consumption of beer soon proved to be “socially and ritually important.” In order to keep a steady supply of raw materials for the use of making beer, hunter-gatherers resulted to deliberate farming. With deliberate farming, hunter-gatherers didn’t depend on wild grains, but grains they can use to cultivate themselves. 2. Wine was believed to bring out the inner wisdom of an individual during the consumption. Men gathered in wine-drinking parties, sharing and discussing, their thoughts and beliefs, which began the development of philosophy. However, women were totally excluded from parties and were not allowed to drink wine as they were deemed unworthy of consuming such a powerful drink. 3. Wine was fully adopted into the Christianity belief due to its association with Jesus and Bible stories. Islam prohibited the use of alcohol due to its effect on the consumer. The teachings of the Prophet Mohammed regarded wine as the cause of incidents between people and as hated by Allah. By forbidding wine, Muslims went against the norm separating themselves from other beliefs. 4. During the boom of coffee, the Arabs were the main supplier ultimately creating a monopoly as they held the market. As the demand increased, other countries searched for a way to join the coffee craze as it would become a main source of revenue. The Netherlands soon became a main distributor in coffee allowing them to replace Portugal as the dominant nation ruling the East Indies, ultimately allowing them to take control of the trade overseas. Soon after, France entered the new world of coffee. By taking over of the Arab monopoly of coffee it allowed countries in South America to...
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