A History and Case Study of Toyota

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Background of Toyota
Toyota Motor Corporation, common known simply as Toyota, is one of the famous automaker all over the world. Toyota is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan and the world’s largest automaker by sales. Toyota is the largest automotive manufacturers. In 2007, Toyota Motor Corporation listed in the world’s 500 largest companies (Fortune Global 500). Nowadays Toyota is the world's largest automotive manufacturers, are sold worldwide every year up to 7.5 million different types of vehicles. Toyota is also the brand’s parent company of Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino. Until to the March of 2003, the company's total numbers of 65,551 employees, with all associated companies, there were totaling 264,096 employees. It is the largest in Japan, and the world's third-largest business. Toyota’s overseas production networks have 50 foreign located in 27 countries and regions (Not included Japan). In addition, Toyota has also sold more than 170 countries worldwide. History

Toyota's story in the 19th century by Feng Tian Sakichi invented a power loom start. The invention is a breakthrough in the Japanese textile industry has brought revolution. In January 1918, Feng Tian Feng Tian Sakichi set up a weaving and spinning machinery co. In 1924, Feng Tian Sakichi to be his son - Feng TIAN Xi Koizumi's desire to help complete his life, the construction of an automatic loom. Two years later, he was re-founded the Feng Tian automatic loom factory. As the inventor of the Feng TIAN Xi-Ichiro in the 1920s, visiting Europe and the United States, the burgeoning of the auto industry to stimulate his interest in cars. Feng TIAN Xi-Ichiro used his father's sale of automatic loom patents received 100,000 pounds, in 1937 created the Toyota Motor Corporation. From the loom to the car, Toyota's experience a positive move to promote the manufacturing sector. Also Toyota has been supported by the Japanese government to alleviate the shortage of funds and materials at that time, Toyota became major Japanese military vehicle suppliers, mainly engaged in the production of military trucks. Development

Toyota has a lot of competitors, but they can be the leadership of automaker, because Toyota established factories in most part of the world, like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, etc. They are positive to found new markets to attractive more drivers. Toyota also established factories in China. Toyota’s overseas production networks have 50 foreign located in 27 countries and regions (Not included Japan). In addition, Toyota has also sold more than 170 countries worldwide. More than that, Toyota also aims at order to provide environmentally product and through all the business activities to create a better living environment more comfortable and more prosperous community life. Development in China

The Toyota Group and its Japanese Supplier companies have 63 joint or cooperative ventures in China. The first venture incorporated on 25thDecember, 1995 , call Tianjin Fengjin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. which is hold by Toyota (90%) and other local companies(10%) .In the same year, Toyota established the Toyota Motor Technical Center (China) in Tianjin. It mission is to train Chinese companies in the Toyota Production System, and it also extend to technical consulting, including research on local conditions of vehicle use, assistance in developing parts and vehicles, and support for vehicle manufacturing. Toyota likes to be approach is the first in market share, and on the other hand, as the market leader, there must be the first open up new market. Economic and reasonable priced products for family & young buyers of middle class who love driving, this market position is the largest by market value that Toyota smartly selected and stayed away from sport car and luxury car when entering the car industry. Market position

In recent years, the automobile industry to...
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