A Heavy Downpour

Topics: Flood, Tropical cyclone, Water Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: August 1, 2013
A heavy downpour caused a flash flood in Taman Perdana recently. Last week, there was a thunderstorm rained cats and dogs. The rain started in the morning and in three days continuously. The villagers have been worried about this rain.

The water level in a nearby river rose to a dangerous level. Within a few minutes, the water overflowed the river banks and the housing area was flooded. Residents were worried as the water continued to rise.

The residents were caught unaware as everything happened too fast. They were trapped in their houses. Many of their belongings were destroyed. The passing car stalled in the water too. Many drivers were forced to get out and push their cars to a safe place. Meanwhile, rescue teams-Red Crescent members were arrived immediately when they received the notice from village headman and I was one of the members. We sailed boats came to Taman Perdana and save the villagers who needed help.

We took the victims to the relief centre and appease their frightened emotions. In the relief centre, we served food for the villagers to fill up their hungry stomach. Besides that, we also provided some clothes to let the villagers had clean clothes to wear. We gave villagers blankets too to prevent them get cold.

The next day, the water started to subside. The area which was flooding over water was dirty and muddy. As members of Red Crescent, I helped the residents to clean their homes and hope they can get home early.

Luckily, in this flash flood without any casualties. The flash flood brought a lot of misery and inconvenience to the victims. Residents thanked us sincerely as we had helped them a great favor
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