A Hard Life

Topics: 2006 albums, High school, Friendship Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: March 13, 2011
A hard life
Middle school will probably be the 3 hardest years I have ever had to deal with. Those years are difficult for anyone that age but with a bad combination of braces and glasses things were not that wonderful. Having bad fashion sense did not help the fact either and being in the band was a real kicker. Life in middle school was the worst and I would never want to experience it again, even if you tried to pay me.
Trying to make friends in middle school was not really my cup of tea. I was the quite girl who finished her work way before everyone else just so I could read my book, which everyone thought, was weird. Anyways, friends were hard to come by because I always seemed to be reading or running over people’s feet with my rolling backpack. I thankfully retired that on the last day of eighth grade and have not looked at one since. I remember only having five really good friends in middle school and one is my best friend today. All the way up until eighth grade, making friends was complicated until I started to do theater and that is where I discovered my passion for it, but that does not correlate into the current story I am bemoaning about. One thing that does tie into this is that I was an epic fail in the fashion department.I could not match, point blank. There were no if, ands, or buts about it. I was a hopeless case for even being considered a girl. Stripes with polka dot tee shirts, high-water jeans, basketball shorts and wrinkly tees, and my hair were ALWAYS in a pony tail. I did not even know what the concept of makeup was, and that is when every girl was addicted to lip gloss. Besides my demise at matching, I was not even that great at school.My time was consumed by books that’s all I wanted to do was read and that kind of set me up for failure. I mean I didn’t fail anything but my grades weren’t nearly up to par as they could...
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