A Hanging: Discuss the Punishment Given to a Prisoner

Topics: Hanging, Prison, Suicide Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Responds Paper – A Hanging
In the essay “A Hanging” by George Orwell in this he speaks about the punishment given to a prisoner. He describes about the jail and bar as a small animal cage. George describes the people lifestyle in jail in his writing. George speaks about the Hindu man who was brought out his cell for the hanging in the rest of his writing, the process and the feeling of the people before and after hanging. George speaks about how the prisoner was brought to gallows and hanged. I think this a big topic to say about hanging- I feel it good to give a person such kind of punishment. It helps in thinking about the person why he was given the punishment of hanging. It makes people to realize what going to happen if some make a mistake in the society. Let me speak about some thing that happened in my country 11/26 attacks in Mumbai, India. In this incident a person who attacked and killed many people and the government finally after seeing many consideration from both view and given him the punishment of hanging. I feel that’s a wise decision taken by the government to hang a person who killed many innocents. By this it states that to the people if some on who make a mistake like this; they are going to punish by the hanging. I think in this kind it will make a person in committing such kind of mistake in future. I feel hanging a person is not a right punishment. What I think is hanging a person and taking his breath is not the right. It possibly slows down the statistics, but those people who would commit crime do not think they will be caught so they get away with whatever crime they commit. Killing another and calling it justice is just a way of saying we have now taken care of the wrong and now it is right. Wrong! Now there are two families that have one less family member to care about. I thing hanging is really big thing to discus about. In the essay by George Orwell he say about the feeling and situation in jail before and after hanging a...
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