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A Good Sense of Humor

By yudayganesh Mar 22, 2011 308 Words
A good sense of humor is one of the most important qualities that one should possess. Our day to day life is mechanical and under stress, to relieve from such stress we need happiness to run the life smoother.

As everyone is facing with different problems we are under stress with lack of happiness in our lives. Whereas good humor makes ones life more glowing and make things easy. Happiness makes a person dare enough to deal with big problems and make the life miserable.

Scientifically proved that due to happiness ones health would be good as one smile makes the enlargement of the nerves and makes the face good. Whereas sorrow makes the other effect on the health and ones personality. Generally people with good humor makes people around them happy and they too lead a comfortable life. Whereas there are people like charlis Chaplin who makes others happy with their humor despite of their personal problems.

People with good sense of humour generally possess positive attitude in life and faces everything in a easy way. Generally most of the people love to watch comical movies to get rid out of the tensions and out of the world for some time by watching it. People ir-respective of their age’s watches comic eposides and read comic books to be happy. I found my friend who is though calm and serious, loves to watch mr.bean eposides this proves that people being serious loves the good humour despite of their own personality.

People likes the others to be happy and like to see a smiling face as smiling face costs a lot, it gains many things whereas a crying or sorry mind set would gain nothing in life. It would be good to lead ones own life with good humour besides making some others life happy.

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