A Good Scare Is Worth Than a Good Advice

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Cancer, Lung cancer Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: September 1, 2013
To be wise is lifelong process. Gaining wisdom from mistakes and experiences may be an extremely painful one especially when one is faced with repeated failed attempts at the same task. Thus it goes without saying, that advice and word of mouth insight passed down from generations can only get you so far in life. Ultimately it's the personal scare to man that renders experience significant to the extent it may elicit change.

Even since a young child, it's the good scare that causes us to refrain from risk or dangerous tasks. The first time we get scolded at by our parents truly comes as a shock to our system. It is from their scolding that I learnt that it's inappropriate to take other childrens belongings. I've come to understand that such a deed is apart of the act of stealing and it is indeed a serious offense. These shocks do not have to be of the reprimand fashion but they may be physical as well. Many a times as young children we wish to help out our parents in the kitchen, poking our heads into every cupboard and getting out hands stuck into every container. It is not until we brush our delicate plum fingers against the hot plate do we get an alarming response to our sensory system. This burns, this hurts, I must ever do this again. This scare keeps us safe from dangerous situations and we learn.

The use of stare tactics if one were to put it has been recognised and implemented in public health campaigns. As you sit and wait in the doctor's room you are exposed to posters listing numbers diseases you can barely pronounce along side horrific images associated with them. The earliest I recall is one of twisted toe nails from fungus growth - one I definately do not want. These posters can only go so far as to give a warning. It is not until it becomes personal before the message really sticks. Take that of lung cancer from cigarrette smoke. Many, if not all, packets now display graphical images of cancer sufferers and their tumours or symptoms....
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