A Good Man Is Hard to Find Essay

Topics: Family, Grammatical person, Murder Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: May 8, 2012
MARCH 8 2012
A Good Man is hard to find This story is told as third person narrator, but changes at the very end to first person. A good man is hard to find exposition starts off with Bailey taking his family on a vacation to Florida. Bailey’s mother wants to go to Tennessee, not Florida. In attempting to change her son’s mind, she brings to his attention to a newspaper article saying that a dangerous prison escape called The Misfit is on his way to Florida and is too risky to that a trip there. The main characters are introduced and the central and external conflicts in this family. The grandmother is a very self-centered and carries herself as a religious, fancy woman. She dresses in some of her finest clothes which included a classy hat so that way in case of an accident anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know that she was a lady. All these features take part in symbolizing what type of woman she was. On the trip she makes sure to sneak in her cat named Pitty Sing . Bailey is her son he has three kids a baby and the others named John Wesley and June Star they are two little bratty kids with intolerable behavior . Bailey’s wife is a quiet woman who holds the baby in her arms the whole time. The Misfit is a dangerous escaped prisoner who along with his friends murders Bailey and his family. Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Butts own a restaurant that Baileys family stops buy to eat at the Butts have a pet monkey chained up named Gray Monkey. The action begins to arise when the family takes off on their journey as the grandmother starts to become more irritated and selfish. The climax comes when they meet the Misfit, and he murders the family the grandmother being last. The car and cotton fields where they were murder would be the setting. This story is a dialogue told in in a mostly violent tone. It is very ironic that in the beginning the mother was telling his son to not go to Florida because of the Misfit...
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