A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Topics: Family, Thought, By the Way Pages: 3 (1451 words) Published: April 23, 2014
What makes a good man

How many people do you encounter each day whom considers themselves to be a righteous person? Do you agree or disagree with this persons judgement of their own character? Often a person might hide behind his or her religion as a justification for the actions made in every day life. Perhaps some people may decide that commiting enough positive actions can some how cancel out their negative actions, allowing them to consider themselves a righteous person. In Flannery O'Connors story "A Good Man Is Hard To Find", the author challenges her readers to consider what it truly means to be a "good man" and why these qualities are so hard to find in a person.

As the story opens we are introduced to a grandmother who is having an external conflict with her family over the vacation location they have chosen. The grandmother thinks very highly of herself and her decisions, so she begins to try and manipulate her family into agreeing with her on going to a different place. The author hints to us that the grandmother thinks highly of herself by the way that she descibes her clothing to the reader. She picks out her clothing based upon her thoughts that "In case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady."(Paragraph 12) The reader can only wonder why such a self righteous woman could be so focused on the opinions of others even in her thoughts of afterlife. The grandmother also selfishly brings along her cat in secrecy, despite the fact that her son Bailey "didn't like to arrive at a motel with a cat". (Paragraph 10) She puts herself to such importance that she does not believe that she needs to listen to her sons requests, but rather do what she wants to. She scolds the children about the way they act in the car and claims that she herself would not act in that manner, which also signifies the fact that she thinks of herself as a righteous person. Immediately after scolding the kids for their...
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