A good man is hard to find

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In the following paragraphs, you will also exposed to how a calm title “A Good Man is Hard to Find” will bring new perspective to the type of person you would consider to be a good man and how we can be faced with a situation where we find ourselves trying to see the good, in even the most evil kind of men.

Throughout the short story by Flannery O’Connor’s story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” used cultural context that represents the use and belief of a southern roots lifestyle that took place in a small town in Georgia somewhere between the 1940’s-1950’s. The Grandmother is the main character and in several instances she replicates the historical and cultural race issues present during those times because she would refer to African Americans as “Negros” or “N*gg* rs” which was common use of slang by southern whites around that time. For example, the Grandma was telling her young obnoxious granddaughter named June Star, a story and even mentioned a derogatory statement which was stated “Little nigg*rs in the country don’t have thinks like we do” which


Main character “Grandmother”
After having an accident the elusive criminal The Misfit incidentally passes by their location. Being recognized as The Misfit by the grandmother, he consequently starts killing her family with the help of two companions. Instead of begging for the lives of her son, her daughter-in-law or her grandchildren, the grandmother only tries to convince the criminal not to take her life. BUT….. Focusing on the grandmother’s conscience it becomes obvious that she shows two different sides. Although she actually wants to travel to Tennessee she appears to also be real worried about travelling to Florida because she has read about The Misfit being a fugitive murderer in that region. “[She] couldn’t answer to [her] conscience”(p.1) if she sent her own children near such danger. So here she appeals to her conscience being a truly worried person...
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