A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Holden S Words

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Chapter 1. C.Chalmers
1. How are observations of our surroundings an important way to understand our place in the world?

Our observations are important because 80% of the information we receive about the world comes through our eyes. In fact, it is said that what we say is far less important than how we say it. Body language and facial expressions, therefore, can be considered more important than the actual words used. In society, our roles are determined by our relationships to others, and our ability to be successful depends on knowing about others and being able to adjust our behaviour in light of that knowledge. Therefore, it is extremely important that we observe others in order to understand, and change, our place in the world.

Chapter 5. Jake Hong
1.why is Holden unable to write the composition about a place and instead chooses to write about Allie's mitt? According to the text, there is a word " I couldn't think a room or a house or anything to describe the way Stradlater said he had to have. I'm not too crazy about describing rooms and houses anyway. So what I did, I wrote about my brother Allie's baseball mitt, and it is very descriptive subject.

Chalmers: Where does this quote end?

2. How is Allie's Mitt symbolic?
The Allie's Mitt is very symbolic in catcher in the rye, because it left numerous perfect and pure memories to Holden about Allie with green-inked poems which shows the purity of Allie,for instance, Allie won't be mad at anybody, which symbolize a innocence from the adults' phonny world and all.


Underline title.
delete "and all"

3.How is Allie's death symbolic?
Allie represent the prefection of Holden, He had spend a nice childhood with perfect score, moreover he was a guy who spread from "matruity". Maybe this is the result that Holden wants, because he couldn't stand the phonny adults' world with full of lying hypocrites.


replace "with" with "which is"

4.Why does Holden react so violently to Allie's death? Do you Sympathize with him?

First of all, losing one of family membership must hurt Holden's feeling, because Allie is such a good guy to appritiate and enjoy themselves with him, but Allie only left memories to Holden. I do sympathize with Holden, when he break the windows, he just want to forget about Allie's impact. 5.why does Holden chooses to write the composition for Stradlater? What does this say about Holden.

Holden is bored, and this is the last day of school, which makes him desire to be a good man, on the other hand he is decent to his friend, and the other reason is he is caring about Jane Chapter 6-7. Tony Huang

1.What does Holden's altercation with Stradlater say about him? What we obserced was the best evidence to illustrate the world because our eyes will never lie to us. We can not say that one is a violent person if we see one is fighting with others, but he/she is a guy who are not good at expressing his/her own feeling by words when he/she is mad.The altercation between Holden and Stradlater shows that Holden was a kind of impulsive boy; his impulsion reflects his immaturity because he never realized the consequence of the fight. On the other hand, the altercation tells us that Holden loves Jane because he wants to konw what Stradlater and Jane did in the date.



2.Why does Holden attack him?
"[Holden] tried to sock [Stradlater], with all his might, right smack in the toothbtush". Holden hits Stradlater for various reasons. Personally, he was unsatisfied with Stradlater's altitude. At first, Stradlater keep complaining about the O.C which he asked Holden to write for him. Secondly, Holden keep asking Stradlater about waht he did with Jane in the date because Jane was also a friend of Holden, and Holden was sort of falling love with Jane. Whereas, Stradlater said that "That's a professinal secret, buddy" insteas of telling the truth. The anwer rose Holden's anger and leads Holden...
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