A Good Experience of Swimming

Topics: Swimming, Swimming pool, Diving Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: August 22, 2010
A Good Experience of Swimming
Swimming has been my favorite sport since I was a kid. The reason might be I wanted to be a mermaid living at the sea because of the mermaid tales I had read. However, I joined the swimming team when I was in high school. During that period, our team joined a lot of large-scale and famous swimming competitions by Hong Kong Swimming Association. It helped me to meet with other athletes and learn from them. We could share our experience, and discuss about swimming techniques. I even found out the deeper meaning of swimming in the competition. ‘‘Four minutes thirty-seven seconds! I did a good job, I came closer to my target.’’ I said it in my mind. I still needed to pay much effort in the drill. Thus, I started training after school every day until after a couple of months, I noticed that even though I had been training every day, it could not help me keep up the speed of swimming for a longer period of time. Therefore, I thought that maybe I ignored some skills that could help me be able to swim faster in the water. Then, I went to the library to do more research on skills improvement, and watched various swimming videos. Yet, the information was not so useful for me. This encouraged me to find someone to rectify my skills.

After our team joined the club by Hong Kong Swimming Association, I started to have an intensive training with the other athletes. One of my teammates, Joy, was a swimming “killer” from another school. When I first met her, she wore a special swimsuit which was the award that she got as the champion at her individual swimming competition. As she wore a swimsuit, her tan and sturdy body was emphasized perfectly. Especially, she tied her honey-colored hair in a high ponytail with a yellow hair band. It made her more outstanding and refreshing. Our friendship had established since we both were very enthusiastic about swimming. Finally, we even decided to create a team and joined the...
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