A Gloomy Day

Topics: Cat, Eye, Father Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: October 9, 2012
It was a beautiful day and the beginning of fall around noon, to be precise, and I was on my regular lunch break. The birds chirped a melody of joy and the grass stood perfectly even and glimmered a dark satin green. It was a day I wanted to be to extra thankful for because of the beautiful surrounding natures had offered for the day, but unfortunately life had a curve ball to throw at me that would instead make me wish I was blind to everything in life. It hit me right in the face and wanted to leave me on the schools dirty pavement in the hallway. The pain was in my heart not my face, all I was is shocked by this time. The sound of the birds and beautiful grass didn't exist anymore, but the feeling of being alone and confused did now.

We were inseparable they say, and bonded by a feeling so deep one could not dare attempt to tare us apart. Well, lets just say I was wrong and the feeling of stress and inconvenience decided to attempt and succeed at breaking us up. I went on about my Tuesday school day with the feeling of numbness and disappointment in my gut and my heart going un-noticed by this time. I made my round over to my friends at lunch just to see if there comfort would help me up off of the deep hole I felt I’v fallen into, or pushed, I have no idea which one. Anyway, when the melody of the birds died and the grass became dull of it’s color, I just knew it was time to allow my father to finally be there for me and come get me out of school. After my father signed me out of school I sat lank and motionless on my families tan living room couch. The mixed wood floors caught my eyes, blinding me, as the sun reflected through the window above the couch and onto the wood floor. My cat stood perfectly over by the bannister making eye contact with me and brushing his body up against the wall just waiting to be noticed by me, so he could waltz his fat Siamese body over to me and jump up on my lap. There he would leave a bunch of tedious white cat hairs all...
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