A Gift That I Treasure The most

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here are many important values in our life. Some rate health as their most important value, and other rank money first. However, I consider my family to be the most valuable part of my life. I believe that the love of my family is so important because of the unconditional love, deep understanding, and the continual support they give me.

My family has always provided me unconditional love. My parents especially show me lots of love and personal sacrifice. In society, with capitalism, there is a ‘give and take’ attitude, and nothing is free. However, my family does not require anything from me, and never complains about why I did not do something in exchange for their care or love. When I had a boyfriend, I did not have enough time to care for him. He often got angry and asked me why I did not show him the same love and concern as he did to me. Sometimes other people in society have also felt this way about me, Sometimes other people in society have also felt this way about me, however, my family would never do this. They just give me unconditional warm love, and it does not cost anything.

My family’s unconditional love also leads to a deep family understanding of me. Even if my choices are complicated, they always try to deeply understand and believe in me. Having someone who believes in me gives me a deep comfort, and it makes me stronger. When I said I would get all A+ grades, my friends said I was crazy because it was very hard for ordinary students. However, only my parents believed in me. In the end, I did get all A+ grades, and everyone was very surprised. Without my family’s deep belief, I could not have achieved or even started anything.

Deep family understanding leads to their ongoing support for me. Whatever I do, they always encourage me. Even if I make a big mistake, instead of criticizing me, they tell me every person makes mistakes, and that I can learn many things from making mistakes. My family also supports my decision to concentrate on...
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