A Gap of Sky - by Anna Hope (Analysis)

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Life Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Analysis and interpretation of”A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope In the short story we follow Ellie, a nineteen year old Londoner, who over the course of an afternoon gets completely new priorities regarding her studying, social and everyday life. In the beginning, Ellie wakes up at 4 pm. after a rough night having taken various drugs and alcohol. She remembers her assignment due to the next day, discarding it to the lower bottom of her priority list. This gives us the impression of a shallow person not willing to take on her responsibilities. After some thinking, she finally decides to take on the assignment, but her printer is out of ink. This forces her to leave her apartment. In London, the first pinpoint of her character is given to us when she encounters a black glove impaled on a spike, middle finger pointing up in the air. This gives her a strange feeling, quote; “A volt of naughtiness passes through her. Life seems, suddenly, filled with possibility”. The gesture of the glove makes Ellie feel alive, and in my opinion, defines her current personality very well. The fact the gloves makes her giggle, gives her a childish character not realizing the unsustainable position she is in. She also blames her current position on her parents, saying; “It was their fault she was doing this bl**dy course in the first place”. Again, she is unwilling to take responsibility. While being unaware of her direct actions, Ellie follows 2 “south-American” guys into the British Museum, “because she’s never been in there before”. At that point she has given up on her life, willing to do almost anything because “what the heck”. She keeps mentioning she is “free”. But inside the Museum she stumbles upon an exhibition about how cultures approach death. The skulls gives her both a physical and emotional pain, leaving her with the question; “What would happen to her if she (Ellie) dies?” In the beginning the city of London is described as a gray, metallic and relentless city. Ellie is...
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