A gamified system for an online collaborative consumption website

Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: April 22, 2014
The overall business goal of the company is to make money. •Objective of gamifying the system is to get people to share more products and services. •The company wants more shares to be sold, traded or spent to make more money on transactional fee. •Since the prospect of collaborative consumption is already so appealing to the people, adding gamification to the system would make it more enticing •Also, gamification would help provide feedback from the customers which would help attain information on processes which are running well and processes which still need to be ironed out •Provision of game elements like badges, points, leader boards, social graph etc. in the system would make the experience richer. •At the end of it all, gamification implanted user experience would help the company attain more profits by making people share more and by generating, trading and selling shares •The social aspect of gamification would attract more customers and in turn help grow the user base which will eventually lead to a profit. 2.TARGET BEHAVIORS:

We want our players to share more products and services. •We want our customers to use, generate and trade more shares. •We want to make the experience of sharing products online more rich and engaging for the users Success metrics:

Players are sharing more by using the site more often as compared to earlier. •They are trading, generating and using more shares as compared to earlier. •The rate at which users joining the service is more compared to earlier Analytics:

Daily average users/monthly average users: indicating how often users are returning to the website and sharing products and services. •Virality: how many new users are joining the service via the already existent users •Volume of activity: the number of products and services and/or shares people are sharing or playing around with now, after gamifying the system as opposed to before. 3.PLAYER DESCRIPTION:

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