A Game Of Polo With A Headless Goat

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A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat
1• What atmosphere is created in the first three paragraphs that describe the build-up to the race?4 marks 1. The atmosphere that is created is a one of suspense, gusto and fervour. Everyone is speaking with a real passion and their keenness is overwhelming with enthusiasm. At first it all great and cheerful but then the cameraman doubts the scenario and thinks it wouldn’t pull through and this is where the suspense comes from and then it happens and there are screams and shouts. 2• What is the writer’s opinion of the race? 4 marks

2. The writer is jovial at first making it feel like a joyous situation, but then she doubts what will happen at first by saying “but you will try and get to the front” and secondly by saying she felt puerile (silly) and foolish in his position when she had only managed to capture a villager on a rickety bicycle . But then the moment perks up and she is all ebullient (bright) and jolly again as the donkeys roar past him and the whole experience is awe-inspiring when you think about it. The writer also likes the noise that is created by the bells and the rattles 3• How does the writer convey her thoughts, feeling and experiences about this unusual sport? In your answer make references to language techniques, (structure/ punctuation) and tone. (12 marks) 3. The writer conveys her thought in a variety of ways. The most common way is for her to use a lot of verbs. In one section she uses tricolon with the verbs “horns tooting, bells ringing, and the special rattles”, she uses this to add emphasis in the text. This is also a good use of onomatopoeia because of the words such as “ringing” and “tooting” because they sound like the word they are describing. She uses a lot of long complex words such as “anarchic” and “energetically”. She gets to the climax on the beginning of the 4th paragraph “I was assuming that the race had been cancelled” and it ends at the end of the 6th paragraph. “This was...
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