A Future Teacher’s Philosophy of Education

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A Future Teacher’s Philosophy of Education

Education and children has always been a big part of my life. Education was always stressed upon in my house by both parents. It has never been an issue whether or not my brother and I would go to college; it has been a known fact that we would both attend college. With both of my parents being educators, education and children have always been very important in my upbringing. All my life, I have been around children, whether it has been babysitting, tutoring, working at a daycare, or just interacting with the children at my mother’s elementary school. Since I have spent so much of my life around people who work with children, it has become more and more evident to me, that I really want to become a teacher.

After I complete my undergraduate degree in elementary education, I plan to start teaching right away and start working on my master’s degree during the summer. I plan to receive a master’s degree in school counseling at a college or university in the northeastern part of the US, since that is where I would like to teach.

I personally believe that having an education is very important. For this reason, and since I like to help children, I think that I would make a good teacher and eventually a good school counselor.

As a teacher, I want all my students to know that they can succeed and they can do anything they aspire to do. I want my students to know they are each unique in their own ways. I think that it is important for me to give all my students an equal opportunity to learn. I hope to promote better self-esteem in my students. I hope that my students see me as a person who really cares about them and about their learning; a person who cares about what happens to them outside of the classroom. I hope my students see knowledge, integrity, loyalty, truthfulness, respect, and compassion in me, as their teacher. I also hope that my students know that I hope to see these qualities in them as well....
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