A Fresh Start

Topics: Leadership, I Decided, Burger King franchises Pages: 4 (1040 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Christopher Haislmaier
Mathew Piotrowski
ENG 111 93N

A Fresh Start

Walking in to the meeting the morning of Thursday May 8th 2014, I was not prepared for the unexpected.
"Chris, I would like you to be a supervisor for me."
AJ Clemens, my franchise owner, was promoting me from the one of the newbie's to one of the managers for the store. It felt like ages as I stood there in disbelief finally answering, YES! Taking a step back and looking into my past one can see that I had gone to school for a couple of years to become a Paramedic. I thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline rush and the joy of helping others, I soon realized that this is not what I was meant to do with my life. After volunteering as an EMT for some time, I decided that it wasn't the best fit for me and started looking elsewhere. I then decided that going to work as an EMT in the hospital would be a better place for me where I could grow and explore different career options. This is where I first had the opportunity to take a small leadership role and to train others. But I never felt that I belonged there. I had spent my life so far just wandering from place to place, without a true reason to commit to something. Leaving the hospital, my life altered after making the decision for a career change and going to work for the local Chick-Fil-A. I had only taken the job in the first place so that I would have more time to ponder what I wanted to do. Here I found not just a job but a family. As I continued working here I came to the life changing realization that this is where I belong, and that I wanted have my own store someday. As I worked towards making myself a better candidate, I wanted to become a team leader. As a team leader, I could assist the supervisor with leading the shift and have a direct role in training the new employees. Little did I know that the meeting with AJ would help start my dream. All I knew is that one day I would operate my own Chick-Fil-A.

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