A Fine Balance: Review

Topics: Brahman, A Fine Balance, Happiness Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: March 5, 2011
One of the major characters in conjunction with Dina, Ishvar and Om is Menek. He is portrayed as being the opposite of the latter two in terms of the way he views and interprets hope. Menek is seen to always look deeply into the parts of despair. Since the title of mistry’s book is a fine balance, from reading the book we see mistry hinting multiple times your life should be a balance between life and despair. In my opinion the purpose of Manech’s existence in this novel is to portray a life burdened with despair, as well as how such a life can lead to one’s own demise. In meneks case, it is suiside. Through the development of Maneck’s character, Mistry embodies a life that has not attained a balance. With this, he gives a physical example of how a pessimistic view of life, ridden with despair, can affect the growth, life, and fall of a character. It can also be concluded that Maneck’s growth, as well as that of the people in his entourage, deliver a simple but essential message; happiness does not lie in what you have, but it exists in how you see it. Menek’s story starts begins happily in the mountains of India, as he grows up with his parents and assists them in the maintenance of their shop. These happy times are cut short, one can say, when Maneck is sent to college. Change in menaks life is one of the ways mistry chooses to develop this character. Every time meneks life changes or whenever there is a changing point in his life, menek is never ready to embrace it nor is he willing to see it’s positive side. Menek in this sense is contrasted to ishvar and om, who can always perceive the good qualities of change. Even after the horrific deaths of their families, these two were ready to continue their lives. A very concrete example of how menek is never accepting to change is seen on page 511, when menek, ishwar, om and Dina are awaiting the return of beggermaster. (read passage) From this passage we could see that Menak feels that this is the end for him. He...
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