A Feasibility Study on the Development of Graduate School Distance Education in Foundation University

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Chapter I. Background of the Study

1. Introduction of the Study
1. Brief Background of the Study

Over the years, we are adapting and continuing to adapt the changes the world is giving us. Most often, these changes are brought to us by technological advancement and innovation. These latest technological advancements have created a lot of new opportunities for the people in every walk of life. Through these, we can now make things possible in the most convenient and accessible ways. Through the use of computer and internet connection, we can transfer money, transact business, and even buy/purchase stuffs online. Everything seems possible in just one click of the mouse. At the present, education is made possible through online. It is what they termed as Distance Education or Distance Learning.

Distance Education, methods of instruction that utilize different communications technologies to carry teaching to learners in different places. Distance Education Programs enable learners and teachers to interact with each other by means of computers, artificial satellites, telephones, radio or television broadcasting, or other technologies. It imparts knowledge at your desk through web technology.

Several reasons are taken into view on why a number of schools in nearly every country in the world make use of Distance Education. It provides an opportunity to obtain a degree, post degree, doctorate degree course in cyberspace. It enables you attain your goal, achieve competence and proficiency. It offers everyone an advantage of time management. It gives you the liberty of learning the subject of your choice at a pace that is most comfortable to you. It diminishes the barriers that block education that is beyond geographical boundaries.

Distance Education is perfect for the students of Foundation University Graduate School. Most of the students in FU Graduate School are already professionals, having jobs on their own, and family-men/women who have their own personal tight schedule which most of the time causes time constraint with their studies. Consider also the place where some of the students are living and/or working. Some of them may come from different towns reasonably far from where they are studying. The students will be having a hard time managing their limited time and they can no longer spend happy moments with their family during weekends where their class is being scheduled.

With Distance Education, the FU Graduate School students’ life would be easier. They can continue to learn/study without compromising their work and their commitments with their family. They may be able to manage their time well and may get to spend their rest days with their loved ones.

The school has nothing to worry about Distance Education. Many have taken this kind of education into account. Here in the Philippines, University of the Philippines now has what they call “Open University”. It’s a Distance Education Program that provides education at its best to students in their most expedient and fulfilling means. We believe that there are other universities and colleges in the country that are offering the same as UP.

2. Objectives of the Study

The objectives of this feasibility study are as follows:

+ to determine the technical viability of a proposed Distance Education to be offered by the Foundation University Graduate School + to determine the financial feasibility of a proposed Distance Education to be offered by the Foundation University Graduate School + to determine the social acceptability of a Distance Education to be offered by the Foundation University Graduate School; and + to determine the institutional desirability of a proposed Distance Education to be offered by the Foundation...

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