A Farewell Speech.

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Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends.

We have gathered here today to bid farewell to the students of standard 10th. I am indeed honoured to be given this opportunity to represent the students of standard 9th. Just when we start to get comfortable with a person, something comes to alter the recipe. In this context, I would like to mention that for the past few months, the students of standards 9th and 10th have indeed worked very closely together to organise various school activities which has helped us forge close ties of friendship. And now, before we know, its time to say 'Adieu'. The Bible says "To everything there is a reasonand a time to every purpose under heaven"

May I take the liberty to give you a piece of advice? Life is series of events, both good and bad. No matter how deft your organizational skills, there will always be life influencing factors over which you may have no control. As you embark on this new stage of life, you will be able to rise to the occassion because of the values our school has taught you. On such occassions think of principles our teachers have instilled in you and make us proud. "Change indeed is painful, yet over needfull", said Thomas Carlyle.

We are going to miss you very much. We pray that God guide you and guard you, as you undertake this new and exciting journey of life.

"Farewell, Farewell...   Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye till we meet tomorrow", said Shakespeare

A Farewell Speech for a Boss Who Is Moving
To A Multinational Company

Welcome, everyone, to this very special occasion. And a bitter-sweet occasion it is to us. It’s very sad to be saying goodbye to Mr. Boss who is closing ten years of service with our company. I just want to say a few words to express the company's appreciation for the time Mr. Boss has spent with us. Mr. Boss has spent ten years with us, and in that time Mr. Boss has distinguished himself with his diligence humor drive in the workplace. His work in our company has resulted in GHI which I hope inspires others in what can be achieved. Of course, he will also be remembered for the everyday things, such as his good man management skills, trustworthiness and sense of humor. Mr. Boss will be moving to a multinational company which all of us here can be sure greater better and bigger things are awaiting Mr. Boss. A multinational company can be defined as a company that has its facilities and other assets in at least one country other than its home country. Such companies have offices and/or factories in different countries and usually have a centralized head office where they co-ordinate global management. Very large multinationals have budgets that exceed those of many small countries. By hearing the definition of what is multinational company I believe all of us here strongly agree Mr. Boss will be able to perform much better there. Of course after all of us have seen what Mr. Boss has done to our company no doubt that his moving on to bigger and brighter things will leave a gaping hole in the organization. While he has put in place some amazing ideas that will stay after he leaves, it will be a challenge to fill that hole. Nonetheless, when I look around at the faces in this room, I see other talented people and a great team culture of which Mr. Boss was a part and no doubt we will be able to soldier on.

By: Shiela P. Garcia
                      Time runs very fast. It seems like we’re just entering this classroom yesterday and now…the time for leaving is coming near. It’s hard to accept that after 3 weeks more staying in this room, we will be going to another stage of our life. As we were about to leave, allow me my dear friends to I bid my goodbye.                     For almost 10 months staying in this 4 portals of this classroom named Our Lady Of Hope, with 28 classmates, 10 subject teachers and 1 sexy adviser, I had...
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