A Family Argument

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent Pages: 3 (694 words) Published: September 28, 2010
A Family Argument
5W & 1 H:
What was it about?
Why did the argument start?
When did it take place?
Who were involved?
Where did it happen?
How was the problem solved?

My family subscribes to the philosophy that family arguments, though unpleasant, are healthy and even necessary. Like my father says, they are like antibodies that fight virus in human body and eventually some good may result.

My otherwise close knit family polarized by the fact that I have always been my father’s pet while my brother, Bernie, is mum’s pet. On one occasion, this gave rise to arguments but the differences were resolved eventually.

I used to resent the fact that I had to help out with most of the household chores while Bernie got away with only some light task. Things came to a head after a family party when my mother and I went to wash up more than fifty dishes, while my brother decided to watch a late-night movie.

Seething with anger, I deliberately banged the dishes and pans while I washed them to create a racket to disrupt his enjoyment of the movie. Then, my brother stomped into the kitchen, yelled at me and told me to keep it quiet.

“Hey! Why don’t you show me how to wash all these without making a noise!” I restored.

“Why should I?” he asked without taking the bait. “I’ve already helped out during the party, serving everybody dinner while you were flirting with the boys! Anyway, it is a girl’s job to do housework.” He walked out of the kitchen triumphantly.

His baseless allegations and sexist remarks riled me just like he wanted. In my anger, I slammed the dishes even harder and stormed into the living room, switched off the TV and insisted that my brother apologized to me for making that rude statement. All this while, my mother kept reminding me that neighbors were sleeping. My father, who agreed with me that Bernie was rude, said that he should apologize.

This was when Bernie went against my father and said that he always took my side. My...
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