A Family and Community Diagnosis of Mercado Compound

Topics: Family, Quezon City, Manila Pages: 29 (5724 words) Published: February 24, 2013

Level of Environmental Sanitation Status of
Mercado Compound in Brgy.165 Zone 15
District I, Bagbaguin Caloocan City:

An Assessment



Basol, Geraldine
Cayetano, Kristel Ann
Gumanit, Elyn
Lorenzo, Donna
Montecillo, Neriza
Sardua, Alvin Jr. Tolentino, Shanice Marie
Undajare, Mary Joy



The BSN Group 1 would like to extend their profound gratitude to the people who serve as an inspiration to finish this thesis. First, to the Almighty Father who gave us knowledge, strength, and patience in creating this project. To the president, Dra. Erlinda Mauricio and the coordinator Ms. Melanie Bernabe for the continuous support they have given the group. To our community service head Mrs. Dionesia Navales and to the Barangay officials, for allowing us to conduct te said activity. Likewise they would like to thank the clinical instructors, Ms. Kristine Reyes, Mr. Aldin Garcia, and Mr. Aldrin Ian Alpe for teaching and guiding the researchers all throughout the community service. For the loving parents of the group, they are thankful for the unconditional love and financial support. Lastly, they thank each one of the researchers for the time and effort in finishing this thesis and making this possible and successful.


This thesis is dedicated to the parents of the researchers who have never failed to give financial and moral support, for giving all their need during the time the researchers developed their system and for teaching them that even the largest task can be accomplished if it is done one step at a time.



The World Health Organization defines health nursing as a “special field of nursing that combines the skills of nursing, public health and some phases of social assistance and function as a part of the total health program, for the promotion of health, the improvement of the conditions in the social and physical environment, rehabilitation of illness and disability.”

Community is defined as a group of people sharing common geographic boundaries and/or common boundaries and interest.

This thesis will focus on the different problems of the families in the chosen community, the Mercado Compound located at Barangay 165 Zone 15 Bagbaguin, Caloocan City.

Improper drainage is one of the main problems in this compound which may affect individuals or collective groups. This current problem increases the risk of infection and can be a site where vectors multiply.

In this area, the “blind drainage” type of waste water collector and disposal facility shall continue to be the emphasis until such time that sewer facilities and off-site treatment facilities shall be made available to clusters houses in rural areas.


During the community service, the researchers saw a lot of problems at the Mercado Compound, but among those problems, poor environmental sanitation exalt. Poor environmental sanitation like unclean drainage system, and garbage that are very visible. So with this problem, we come up with three objectives.

1. To bring the community into change by giving them knowledge on how to keep their community clean and free from indisposed garbage.

2. To provide them the information they need.

3. To explain to them the importance in maintaining a clean environment.


Bagbaguin Caloocan City has a total number of 110.67 hectares. In which Mercado Compound is located. There are forty four families living in this community. Based on our assessment, the area is overcrowded where houses are built very close to each other. Most houses are mixed type consisting concrete and light materials. This causes the area to be a fire hazard zone. From the time we...
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